Wash Your Face The Correct Way

Oh the French people sure have a lot of fabulous creations when it comes to fashion, beauty, food and wine, as well as skin care; and now they have come up with another discover – introducing micellar water,  a wonder ingredient that are super mild yet super effective to keep your skin moist, supple, and definitely clean.

What’s the deal with micellar water?

Basically micellar water is kind of spherical structure, resembling like an ice cream cone with all the tips pointing inwards.  The oil and water parts (made form fatty esters) are bonded together to form micellar molecules, with the sphere enclosing the water molecules.

Being mainly water, they’re mild and gentle enough yet so potent to clean your skin from dirt, impurities (by drawing them out), and even the most stubborn makeups.

While the skeptics still doubting whether micellar is the real deal, dermatologists, beauty reviewers, and even French women are loving it, with all you need is to swipe up with a cotton pad on the skin, with no rinsing required, making them perfect if you’re on the go person and/or having a sensitive skin.

By now I bet you’re wonder where can you possibly get this wonder water. Unlike before when micellar is quite exclusive to get and it’s only from French pharmacies (yes ladies, their woman rely in pharmacies to get their beauty supplies). Fortunately, micellar waters are everywhere, complete with additional one or two ingredients to suit for your every needs.

What used to be micellar water is intended to clean and removing makeups, there are a lot of varieties with added ingredients catered for specific needs (say, brightening or anti-aging), as well as for any budget range.

Good brand that are worth to check it out Orlane Brightening Micellar Water, containing arbutin to help lighten dark spots and giving off radiance for your skin.  Dior Instant Cleansing Water on the other hand is perfect for to fight aging signs while keeping your skin clean; pure lily extract helps to ease fine lines by plumping the skin. And of course, one of the pioneer in micellar water and the most popular, Bioderma Crealine H2O available almost exclusively in French pharmacies.

Thus the question is, would you try out micellar water for your skin? The overall verdict is impressively good, and micellar water seems running a steady trend in beauty market. No surprise, as it’s a cult product among makeup artists and fashion models around.






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