Summer Skin Tips

Skin Tips For Summer That Will Save You And Your Skin

With winter now behind us ladies it’s time to look to start that summer fun. As we transition the seasons let’s keep in mind that although we all enjoy our summer activities we need to make sure that we aren’t just physically safe in our adventures, but that we keep our body safe as well. To help out with this I have some skin tips for summer.

In recent years skin cancer has been on the rise not just in summer, but all seasons. Summer is the season that you typically have the most skin exposed to the suns most harsh rays. So ladies here are a few tips that will help you keep your skin safe this summer and still look beautiful while doing it.

For those of Irish and German decent summer can be the hardest season for you because quite frankly your predisposed to burn. Some items that will help you this summer are sun block at least SPF 35 if you go any higher the formula weakens. Cover your body and remember to put more on after about two hours. For the creases along your head where your hair can’t protect you try finding a sunscreen sprits. The sprits can go where most creams can’t this includes the patches of skin on your head that your hair just can’t always protect.

If you like drinking wine specifically red wines then you are step ahead in planning if you get sunburned this summer. Red wine is made with red grapes and they contain a chemical called Resveratol that works as an anti –inflammatory as well as an antioxidant. This can help you heal moderate burns much faster.

For those ladies that just refuse to keep put sun block on because it washes off your make- up what if you didn’t have to. In today’s make- up market there are over a twenty different brands that have started put sun block in there make-up some you can pick up at the store and other that are higher quality can be bought from a local representative.

Now for the other problem that happens in summer, Acne. You can either scrub you skin in a shower to keep the pours open or you can do something fun and keep up with your typical summer diet. Did you know that watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries can help your skin? The watermelon and cantaloupe increases your natural SPF and strawberry juice swiped over your skin can help even out your complexion.

So you didn’t listen to the suggestions above and you got a really bad burn well here are some ways to help you out and guys this will work for you too. First you want to use the Aloe Vera you have purchased, but make sure it has Vitamin E in it or it won’t really help you any. Next, go to your freezer and take out the vanilla ice cream. Yes, you read that right. There is an ingredient in the ice cream called lactic acid that is also in plain yogurt that helps heal bad sunburns because it actually eats away at dead skin and moisturized the damaged cells.

And last but not least the best tip I can give you to keep both you and your skin safe for summer is to shower in cool water after spending time in the sun. By showering in cooler water you actually allow the heated skin to cool down and if you did get burned this will help sooth your burn.

So please this summer before you hit the beach remember my skin tips for summer and load up on sun block, pack your aloe vera and bring your favorite fruits because you never know when the sun might decide not to play nice.

This article was provided by the skin specialists at Advanced Dermatology, to get more skin tips and tricks check out their DoctorDerm Skin Blog.

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