Most people struggle with their weight on an almost regular basis. Some are unlucky when it comes to losing the weight. The thing is, even though they succeed in losing the weight the fat deposits are still in the body which makes the appearance not so good. This accumulated fat may cause harmful diseases in the long run and hence, must be taken off from the body. Although cosmetic surgeries are on the rise and an expensive option for it, people still prefer to go for a treatment that does not require any surgery. Liposonix is a non-surgical treatment that affects the targeted area using ultrasound energy.

  • What is Liposonix?

Ultrasound energy in Liposonix treatment helps in melting the fat in the targeted area  and makes the process comparatively very easy. It helps in reducing the fat that is accumulated in the body over time when ultrasound energy penetrates through the skin. During this process skin is not harmed and the effect takes place only on the body fat. This treatment is preferred for fat layer under the skin where it is difficult to remove the fat by exercising and dieting. Liposonix treatment takes 1 hour to complete the procedure. It is seen that patient undergoing this treatment can have permanent weight loss and some have dropped to one dress size lower than usual. In around one treatment people have experienced changes right from 8-10 weeks after.

  • Does Liposonix work?

Since it’s a non-surgical treatment there has been a great demand for it. It is very convenient for the patients to schedule an appointment and get it done in just an hour. Patients responded fairly after the treatment and have received satisfactory results. It is not as intense as liposuction, but it has some effect on your body fat and is successful in losing some extra fat from your body. Ultrasound energy does not harm your skin and its consecutive side-effects. It also depends on each individual and their response to the treatment and medications. It is also required not to stop continuing their usual activities like dieting and exercising to get consistent results. You will be able to achieve more with exercise in addition to this procedure.

  • How does Liposonix work?

Every patient has different skin type and different fat cells in their body. The initial doctor consultation helps in determining the intensity of the procedure. During this procedure, the ultrasound device is moved over the area from where the fat is to be removed. Ultrasound energy from the device travels through the skin, deep inside the layers and enables the accumulated fat to melt. It helps in destroying the fat cells and metabolizes it to get them removed from the body. This is continued till all or maximum number of cells gets destroyed without causing any harm to your skin. The dead tissues are removed from the body by the natural process and during healing from the treatment. You will then be left with a body contoured area. You may feel tickling, cold, discomfort and warmth during the process but it does not have any side-effects on your skin.


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