Lip Augmentation

The Two Common Forms Of Lip Injections And How They Work

As we age, we may begin to see lines and curves around our lips, laugh lines we would prefer to go away. Our lips may become wrinkled, pale and seem out of shape. We often wonder what to do about it, and in vain, we try to hide it under lip tints and lipstick, even whitening our teeth to try and reduce the look of the sagging in our lips. There are plenty of rejuvenation procedures available, but how do you know which one is right for you? We often don’t know the first thing about lip injections. Below is a little guide to help you better understand it.

Lip augmentation includes rejuvenation of the lips, increasing the size of the lips, smoothing out wrinkled areas and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, chin, and lips. Lip treatments may be done to just the upper or lower lip, and can also be done to both (often in the same treatment). There are two main forms of lip augmentation. One is through injections f plumping and firming serums and the other is surgical implants that do the same thing. Some surgeries and procedures are temporary, while others are designed for permanent (or semi-permanent) results. To learn more about lip fillers Sydney  follow the link.

There are roughly ten different injection procedures that can be done for the lips, while there are four main surgical procedures.

The most common lip injection treatment is that of collagen. The collagen most like a persons is found in a cows skin and is most often used in injections. Using a very fine needle, the collagen is injected into the lip. It is slowly absorbed by the body so the results last roughly two months per treatment. The other most common form of lip injection is with fat. The fat is taken from another part of the body (often the thighs or the buttocks). In doing so, there is no risk of an allergic reaction since it is you body’s own cells. These results are also temporary, but often last longer than those of collagen because your body is not breaking down foreign components.

The most commonly used and highly recommended form of surgical rejuvenation is with synthetic implants. The most commonly used are Gore-Tex and Soft Form. These forms are permanent results as they aren’t absorbed into the body and don’t shrink. One of the benefits of this ki9nid of procedure is that the formation of scarring tissues on either ends keep this implant in place. It is often a very thin and small tube that is implanted with a needle. Due to these implants being synthetic, there is a chance that the body will react badly to them, however, they can be easily removed.

There are many options when going for lip procedures and lip injections. Consider each carefully and talk to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for more information.

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