Cheaper Alternatives to Botox

s reported by the latest observation, there’s seem to be a slight dip on Botox fans to get their second (or third) shot for the last couple of years, likely due to the sudden awareness of people opting for tried and true method of using ‘green’ alternatives, though dermatologists all around have assured (and backed up with studies) that the safety approach of these treatment have been improved tremendously. Still, it won’t hurt to supplement these methods as part of your anti-aging, and certainly, top it off with Botox, the youthfulness can certainly rival Sharon Stone and Penelope Cruz, to name a few.

Various approach that you can use under the word ‘alternative treatment for anti-aging’. For example the proven results of using specialized herbs like ashwagandha (a powerful anti-aging tonic) and turmeric can certainly help your skin a lot to flush out toxins that make your skin age before time.

Topical essential oils, though not really to be consumed, can be used in aromatherapy and massage into the skin to boost toxin drainage and improving moisture retention. Try out the oils in mix or as a standalone like lemon, peppermint and rose. Keep in mind though, your skin might react and get irritated a bit with pure oil thus dilute it a bit with carrier oil like jojoba and olive to minimize and chances of skin irritation (known as contact dermatitis).

While we’re on topic of massage, guess what, doing a regular yoga and meditation can certainly help your skin to glow and youthful, all over the body. I can say that it’s true because I’ve seen a yoga enthusiast doing sun salutations for two decades since here twenties and she still looks no more than her early thirties. Certain poses are known to draw out toxins away from the skin (ready to be flush out) and they will help keep muscles (including facial) tone and tight, hence no sagging skin all around!

If you’re not into bend your back all the way for yoga, why not get yourself some regular dose of lymphatic drainage massage, which in turn stimulate your body to produce good stuff like collagen and glutathione instead. Trust me, doing these routine regularly will help you to combat any noticeable aging signs like puffy/panda eyes, sagging, double chines, and dull-looking skin.

A plate or two of beauty plate is no doubt will help your skin look younger in the long run. Don’t take my word for it, you can ask renowned chef like Nigella or people living in remote areas of Greeks to know their secrets.

Why? Any foods that are fresh and contain essential nutrition (including vitamins and antioxidants) will help your body to purge out toxins that will only make your skin burdened, as well as lighten them up to look radiant. Key nutrition to look for is vitamin ACE and omega-3 fatty acids. Make them most of your diet for a week and you’ll see the difference.

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