Are You The Suitable Candidate For Fraxel Laser

So much media coverage on Fraxel laser treatment that you can help but feel if you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment. Read on ton find out if you have the chance to rejuvenate your skin with Fraxel laser treatment.

It’s not surprising that people (and celebrities alike) are raving about it – Fraxel laser treatment is touted to be a gentle treatment and FDA-approved to repair and restore your skin to look young once again. The procedure uses the laser technology directed underneath the skin, causing small damages in order to stimulate your body to produce collagen in the treated area that can last up to a year.

Different kinds of Fraxel laser treatment are available to cater different cases of aging skin. Fraxel Repair is for extensive treatment works effectively for deep wrinkles, burns, and deep set scars. Fraxel Restore is for medium cases of imperfections, focusing more on sun damaged skin without affecting other healthy cells while Fraxel Refine is the least invasive in Fraxel treatments to create a smooth and supple skin.

We all know how Fraxel laser can be effective and suitable for all skin types but how to know if you’re truly the right candidate for Fraxel laser treatment?

Basically, you can start to assume that Fraxel laser treatment is possible if you have signs of premature aging, your skin looks loose, obvious and enlarged pores, skin discolourations, mild to moderate periorbital wrinkles, melasma, or even as simple as acne scars.

Fraxel laser treatment is suitable for you if you have good support of facial soft tissue and no excessive sagging of the skin. You need to ensure that you have unfavourable conditions such as active infections, dermatitis, sunburn, and cold sores on the area to be treated or the treatment may need to postpone.

You also may not be suitable for Fraxel laser if your body responds to  healing slowly, have a history of triggered seizures, taking contradicting medications such as Roaccutane (for the past six months) or currently taking anticoagulant medicines.

If you do have these circumstances that makes you unable to go for Fraxel laser, your doctor will recommend other skin rejuvenating treatments to achieve desired results such as dermal fillers and botox.

Are you the right candidate for Fraxel laser treatment? If the answer is yes, looking good is just one step from booking yourself a session to improve your skin for good.

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